People say that it`s better to see one time.There are 155 photographs which present Evenkia nature, traditions and customs of Evenkia nations, photographs of rites and cult things of the past and present days. Looking through the photographs one can get an idea about life of nations of the biggest and thinly populated region of Krasnoyarsk territories.

The biggest part of the galary - 55 photographs- is about Northern nature. Winter and summer landscapes, animals, birds and flowers are presented in photographs. No words can describethe land - you should look with your own eyes. There are a little less photographs of people and traditions of Evenkia. Here are an old Evenk woman in national dress, and working drovers of reindeers, and just scenes of Northern people life.

Rites, fishery, hunting are presented by the collection of northern dresses made from reindeer leather, ancient things of shaman rites, looking at them one can appraise the talant of Evenks who created their arts during centures in difficult conditions. Also there is a little horrable photograph of national cemetory and embroidered walls of dwelling, shaman banashing ghosts, ancient idol.

Tourism is presented mainly by the photographs of hunting and fishing trophies. You cannot catch such fish in Europe, but Evenkia is still full of animals and fish, because there`s no industry there.